Thing Called Love (A Poem by Talumba Chirwa)

This thing called love,

I’ve spent most of my life wondering what it would be like to have it

But I have always retreated when I had a chance to grab it

Like Alice stuck in the rabbit’s hole, without the rabbit…

Like Professor X without the Gambit, I don’t like life when it goes unlike the way I planned it


Men it feels rough, the emotion builds up and escalates to the point where you feel love

This is real stuff, so lets take a moment to just leave… a moment to just breathe

Closing my eyes on the edge of a cliff, I am hoping you trust me


Let’s fly to a distant land, where a lady is just a lady, and a man is just a man

But how can I travel without a plan? I am so afraid, I am afraid of what I don’t understand

So focused on the risks I forget the reward, can’t I just get a kiss without the umbilical cord?

Men, loves asks for everything, and unfortunately right now it costs more than I can afford.


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