Mask a Poem by Talumba Chirwa

We all wear some sort of a mask (echo x2)

To protect us from who we need to be or who we used to be in our past


Have you ever wondered what if despair was a gas

Would we feel responsible for actively breathing it in or more helpless for being completely surrounded by it on every path


What is it with siblings that wear your clothing items, but do no ask (echo x2)

Do they not know that as soon as I catch them with said items on they will be taken to task


Don’t know if you noticed but life is a test that examines you specifically on all the things you never learned in class

That’s why when my ex called me to ask if we could talk about why we were a failure I said –pass.

Because there are things that the hulk feels he is invincible to, but there are also things that hulk should not smash

For it can be said that though bunnies can be so wack

Homies are not really that different either, so guys can also be such trash


And so the games continue, one upmanship as everyone in society tries to obliterate or to surpass

Failing to realize this very simple truth that if you cannot love yourself or be honest with yourself, you can never really cry out, “Freedom, at Last!”


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Artwork by @mar_______vin #africandigitalart


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